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Discount E-Juice ($2.97 - $13.97)

  • Discount E-Juice
Retail Price:
Your Price:
$2.97 (You save $2.02)

Product Snapshot

Liquid Base:
83% PG / 17% VG
5 ml ($2.97) | 30 ml ($13.97)
Bottle Material:
Easy to squeeze plastic bottle
Standard dropper tip


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Product Reviews

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  1. Nice change

    Posted by on

    I usually get the bubblegum flavored e-juice, but I wanted to try something different. I had read a few reviews on Blueberry and decided it was worth a try. I ordered the 5ml bottle to give it a try and I like it very much and ordered the 30ml bottle. Looking forward to using it in my new T3S.

  2. Stawberry is Not Bad

    Posted by on

    I have purchased this 30 ml of Strawberry and found it not bad and rather enjoyable. Not sweet at all, but a nice honest strawberry smell and taste. Not overpowering and seemed evenly taste from the first draw to the last.

  3. Red Bull e-Juice is Ex Wife's favorite Flavor

    Posted by on

    E-cigexpress red bull e-juice is her all time favorite flavor

Showing reviews 1-3 of 22 | Next

Discount E-Juice ($2.97 - $13.97) Full Description

At E-Cig Express, we have both sample size and full size bottles of discount e-juice. If you're not sure what e-juice flavor you'd like to purchase but want to give a few a try, our 5 ml bottles will let you try out a flavor for just $2.97. Then, once you've found your favorites, our 30 ml bottles are an outstanding value at only $13.97 per bottle!

Unlike many companies, we don't cut our e-liquid with a ton of cheaper VG. All of our e-juice has a 83% PG (propylene glycol) and 17% VG (vegetable glycerine) base. Not only do we find that this mixture provides a better throat hit, while still producing a decent amount of vapor, but it is far less damaging to your atomizers than high VG e-liquids are.

Although this may seem like cheap e-juice, we sell nothing but quality here. We don't carry a lot of flavors because not only do we we insist that our e-juice have a decent throat hit at the higher nicotine concentrations, but they absolutely MUST match the flavors as they are described. Our Red Box USA and Cuban Cigar flavors are made by SLB and all the rest we get from FeelLife Bioscience - one of the only major e-liquid manufacturers to have applied for FDA approval.

Most of our Discount E-Juice flavors are available in three nicotine strengths; some have as many as four. Those nicotine strengths may include:

  • Very High - 24 mg/ml
  • High - 18 mg/ml
  • Medium - 11 mg/ml
  • Low - (6 or 8) mg/ml
  • No Nicotine - 0 mg/ml

Below, you can view all of our discount e-juice flavors and a brief description of each. Because Red Box USA and Menthol are the closest to actual cigarette flavors and are the most popular, we have listed them first. The rest of the flavors are in alphabetical order.

Red Box USA E-Juice 

Red Box USA

Flavored after a major cigarette brand, our Red Box USA e-liquid is the most popular flavor of them all.

Menthol E-Juice 


Chosen by our customers from nearly a dozen samples from different vendors, this is the consensus #1 Menthol e-juice.

Blueberry E-Juice 


Our Blueberry e-liquid is bursting with fruity flavor. By far, it's the best blueberry flavor we have tasted!

Bubble Gum E-Juice 

Bubble Gum

The first e-juice we ever tried that tastes like actual Bubble Gum, it's not minty like the Bubble Gum flavor you usually find!

Cappuccino E-Juice 


Great in the morning or as an all day vape, our Cappuccino e-liquid is a nice little "pick me up" with a mellow cappuccino flavor.

Cherry E-Juice 


Not too sweet, our Cherry e-juice flavor doesn't taste like candy. It tastes like real cherries.

Cinnamon E-Juice 


No, this is NOT the spicy Red Hot candy flavor that has gotten so much bad press lately. It is a simple, subtle Cinnamon flavored e-liquid, reminiscent of cinnamon toast.

Cuban Cigar E-Juice 

Cuban Cigar

Our Cuban Cigar e-liquid tastes more like real tobacco than any other liquid we carry. If the Red Box USA flavor doesn't do it for you, maybe this one will!

Grape E-Juice 


If you're looking for the taste of an actual grape, this probably won't do it for you. Our Grape e-juice tastes more like a grape Popsicle!

Pepsi Cola E-Juice 

Pepsi Cola

Not a generic cola flavor, according to its many fans, our Pepsi Cola e-juice tastes just like a real Pepsi - only without the carbonation.

Red Bull E-Juice 

Red Bull (Energy Cow)

The owner's personal favorite, no e-juice is gaining in popularity like our Red Bull E-liquid, also called "Energy Cow". If you're a fan of the drink, you'll love this flavor!

Strawberry E-Juice 


Our Strawberry e-liquid features a light strawberry taste that is a great change of pace vape - especially for those who don't like a heavy flavor.

 Tutti Fruity E-Juice

Tutti Fruity

Our Tutti Fruity e-juice is just what you would expect. It's like diving into a bowl of fruit punch!

Vanilla E-Juice 


Not super sweet, our Vanilla e-liquid has a light vanilla flavor that is perfect in the morning or as an after meal "snack."

 Watermelon E-Juice


A very popular flavor, our Watermelon e-juice is somewhere between the candy and the actual fruit. Just right!

E-Liquid Warranty

Different people have different tastes and what some people may consider a great flavor, others may not like. For public health and safety reasons, e-liquid is NOT returnable or exchangeable and no refunds will be issued for e-liquid for any reason.

Please order a 5 ml sample size bottle of any e-liquid that you have not tried before in order to make sure that it meets your taste requirements. You can view our complete warranty details on our Shipping & Returns page.