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Welcome to the BeatNic Blog. Here, you'll find the latest e cigarette news, commentary and maybe even a special or two.

With the re-organization of the E-Cig Express website, we decided to rename our old "E-Cig Express Blog" and move it from the Blogger platform to one right here on our website. Rather than move all of the old articles and comments over to a new platform, we decided to leave them in place. You can view the old blog here.

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Printable iSmoka eLeaf Mini iKit User's Guide Now Available!

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eLeaf iKit User's Guide

Nothing controversial today. Just a quick note to let people know that we have now created a user's guide for the eLeaf Mini iKit.

Although the eLeaf Mini iKit comes with a user's manual, unless you are very familiar with e-cigarettes that use tanks, the instruction are quite vague. We've had to coach a lot of people over the phone on how to fill and use their eLeaf Mini and, while we certainly love talking to customers and helping them out, sometimes it's easier for people to read and look at pictures than it is to explain things over the phone.

Our newly created eLeaf Mini iKit user's guide should help clarify some confusing things and, if it doesn't, you can always give us a call! Like all of our user's guides, it is available to read online or you can print it out.

FDA Financing New Agenda Driven Ecig Studies

Today, Reuters published an article about several new Electronic Cigarette studies that are being financially backed by the FDA - part of $270 million that they are spending on similar ecig research projects. Most of the studies in the Reuters article have an agenda that is clearly biased against the use of electronic cigarettes. The first [...]

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Four Ecig Memes

It's a holiday weekend and I know that I sure don't feel like writing. Instead, I created these four Ecigarette memes. Feel free to share them!Celebrities can promote alcohol but not e-cigarettes?McDonalds ... I'm Loving It!Yeah, it's e-cigarettes that are promoting enticing flavors to lure children!These celebrities make Ecigs look Real Cool!

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White House Amends FDA Ecig Regulations

According to a story on Reuters, the White House amended the proposed deeming regulations put forth by the FDA before they were released to the public for comment. The original draft included language that would have banned internet sales of e-cigarettes as well as language that questioned the safety of electronic cigarettes.Released for public review [...]

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FDA Extends Public Comment Period on E-Cig Regulations

Almost exactly 6 weeks ago, the CASAA issued its first call to action in regards to the FDA's proposed regulations of electronic cigarettes. E-cigarette users were asked to contact the FDA, asking for a 105 day extension to respond to the deeming regulations.  The FDA, after all, took more than 3 1/2 years to write the [...]

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Contest - Find the Errors; Get Free E Cig Stuff!

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am ridiculously obsessive about grammar and spelling. In fact, if I go to a website and it is full of grammatical mistakes or spelling errors, I have to leave. If a website does not care about having well written pages, I simply don't believe they care [...]

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New Call To Action - An Absolute MUST DO for all E-Cigarette Users

This week, the CASAA issued their third call to action in response to the FDA's proposed deeming regulations on e-cigarettes. This time, the CASAA is going after both the FDA and the CDC.In their newest call to action, the CASAA is asking ALL E-CIGARETTE USERS to fill out a form that will be sent to [...]

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Finding Your E-Cig Love

Most relationships start out great. They offer something new, different and exciting. We do everything we can to find the positives in our new love. In fact, we're so blind by our new infatuation, that we don't even see anything that might be negative. Time has a way of revealing warts we never discovered or things [...]

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The Most Important E-Cigarette Website of them All!

There are a few important websites out there that all e cigarette users should be aware of. A brief summary: CASAA website: The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) keeps consumers informed about the various legislative proposals being taken against e-cigarettes and helps organize the community to fight those proposals with "Calls to Action." The [...]

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New Surveys Show E Cigarettes DO Help With Smoking Cessation!

Part of the proposed deeming regulations set forth by the FDA state that e-cigarette companies cannot market e-cigs as smoking cessation products nor can they in any way state that they are healthier alternatives to tobacco cigarettes. This, despite recent admissions by director of the Food and Drug Administration's Center for Tobacco Products, Mitch Zeller, [...]

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