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Discount E Liquid

We're super picky when it comes to our Discount E-Liquid. We sample dozens of flavors from e-juice manufacturers every month and, frankly, the vast majority of them don't come close to making the cut.

For us to consider any e-liquid for this website, it HAS TO taste exactly like the flavor it is described as being. "Tastes sort of like" or "almost" doesn't cut it. It also has to have a good throat hit. Without a decent throat hit, vapor just doesn't feel like smoke. We've tried lots of great tasting e-juice with no throat hit. We've tried even more that tasted horrible, so the throat hit didn't even matter!

All of our discount e-liquid has a maximum of 20% VG (vegetable glycerin). Vegetable glycerine is cheaper than propylene glycol, which is why so many companies offer high VG content e-liquids. The more VG there is, the less throat hit there is, though. High VG e-juice also clogs up atomizers very quickly, cutting their life by as much as 300%.

Currently, all of our e-juice comes from abroad - mostly because we can't find an American vendor who can get the throat hit to flavor combination right and partially because the vast majority of American suppliers are loading their e-liquid with far too much vegetable glycerin. We'll keep trying, though!